Sparkle Mariee was born in Newark, Nj & raised in Atlanta, Ga. Her mother is her inspiration to being a powerful & fearless, ambitious soul. Her son Adriano is her biggest joy. 

Since the age of 15, Sparkle have always known she would someday become her own boss doing things her own way.” She realized very early on in life that she would be the one that controls her destiny.

At the age of 18 years of age, Sparkle managed to get a career job with Delta air lines and was thrilled to work for such an amazing company but unlike most, she had a different reason for being there, she had a plan. 

1 day before it made 2 years of her working for DELTA AIR LINES, Sparkle decided to quit her 9-5 job and take life into her own matters. Believing in her dreams Sparkle and her mother launched their first successful hair company called “Boss xtend.” 

Boss Xtend has made 1 million in retail within 8 months of launching their brand and from that point on, Sparkle knew that anything was possible. Sparkle Mariee is a inspiration to many lives. She empowers on helping others become their best selves and encourage people to take life into their own matters. “Sparkle and her mother created a “Drop shipping company thats designed to help upcoming entrepreneurs start their own business with out doing the hard work.”

Sparkle has shared her journey on Youtube with the world, she teaches people that anything is possible…